Integration Resources

Here you will find the resources you will need to be able to perform an Ooyala Ad Solutions integration on the Android platform.

Ooyala Ad Products Android 2.x Framework file

The core and core debug frameworks for the Android 2.x SDK can be found on the Downloads page.

The framework files give you access to the AdRequester and the Tracker.

The AdRequester facilitates the requesting of ads from the Ooyala Pulse video ad server and parses the ad response into well formatted native objects for easy use. The Tracker assists in performing the appropriate tracking requests for an ad and makes sure that the capping and consistency rules that Ooyala requires are properly enforced.

Online Reference documentation

Reference documentation can be found here: Android 2.x SDK documentation

Demo Integration

A simple demo integration is provided for reference. This example, coded in Java, illustrates how an integration with the Ooyala Ad Products Android 2.x SDK could be done and is intended to be an inspiration for you when designing your own application.

The demo integration can be found here: adtech-android-2.x-demo.

Warning: This demo is not intended to be used in production and Ooyala does not support or fix issues that may arise from blindly copying code from this demo into your app.