Setting Up and Configuring the AdCallModule

Instantiate the AdCallModule using Lazy instantiation. The adCallModule takes a settings object where you can set the device container for the app and the persistent identifier for the individual user.

Refer to Ooyala Ad Products SDK Parameter Referencefor more details on the AdCallModule and its settings.

@synthesize adCallModule = _adCallModule;

* Lazy instantiation of the VPAdCallModule. 
-(VPAdCallModule *) adCallModule {
    VPAdCallModuleSettings * adCallModuleSetting = [[VPAdCallModuleSettings alloc]init];

    // adCallModuleSetting
    .deviceContainer = @"";
    // adCallModuleSetting
    .persistentIdentifier = @"";
    NSURL * vpHost = [NSURL URLWithString:@""];
    _adCallModule = [[VPAdCallModule alloc]initWithHost:vpHost andSettings:adCallModuleSetting];
  return _adCallModule;