JW6 Flash Plugin

How to integrate Ooyala Pulse ad delivery with the JW Player version 6.x using the JW6 Flash plugin.

Getting Started

To integrate, you must have a JW Player version 6.x up and running on your site, as well as an Ooyala Pulse account and a unique ID (vpHost).

  1. Set the "plugins" flashvar to the following: plugins: "http://cdn.videoplaza.tv/resources/flash/jw6/latest/vp_plugin.swf"
  2. Set the "vpHost" plugin parameter to your unique Ooyala Pulse subdomain { vpHost: "http://{your-unique-subdomain}.videoplaza.tv" }

You should now be getting ads from your Ooyala Pulse account (assuming you have booked them).


Provision of the plugin is limited to delivery and integration of the plugin, and does not include any approvals, licenses, consents, permissions (collectively, "Third Party Rights"), and/or related fees ("Third Party Fees") that may be necessary for use of and integration with JW Player. Company is responsible for obtaining and maintaining Third Party Rights and paying Third Party Fees, if any, for use of and integration with JW Player.

Customising Your Integration

For more information on customizing your integration, see: