Getting Started

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To start using Ooyala Pulse you require a username and password, which should be supplied to you by your designated Strategic Account Manager (SAM). If you do not have these login details, please contact your SAM.

To get access to Ooyala Pulse, go to this URL:

Ooyala Pulse Login Screen

If you need additional assistance in using Ooyala Pulse you can also consult our Ooyala Community.

Menu Bar

Icon Description
Ooyala Pulse icon Pulse Icon

Check the Video Advertising Release Notes on the Support Centre.

Pulse Dashboard icon Dashboard

Get a fresh update of the performance of your account.

Pulse Campaign icon Campaigns

Create new campaigns, manage all your current and upcoming campaigns, generate campaign reports and get campaign delivery notifications.

Pulse Planner icon Planner

Create inventory and campaign simulations. Create simulation adjustments.

Pulse Insight icon Insight

Manage your reports.

Pulse Account icon Account

Add content categories, content partners and customize ad insertion policies.

Pulse Clients icon Clients

Associate campaigns with advertisers, agencies and brands, and enable clash protection.

Pulse Asset Factory icon Asset Factory

Generate video files to run on any device of your choosing, view the transcoding process and a list of all uploaded files.

Pulse Settings icon Settings

Personalise your ad delivery, video player experience and the Pulse user interface.

Pulse Help icon Help

Visit the Ooyala Support Centre.

Pulse Log out icon Log Out

Log out of your Pulse account.