Insight Reports Interface Overview

When you open Insight from the menu (Insight Icon), you see the following interface:

Insight Reports Interface Overview

Parts of Insight

Part Name Description
1 New custom report Button for creating new custom reports. The default maximum number of custom report templates is 0, please contact your Account Manager if you want to use this option. For more information on creating new custom reports, refer to Create New Custom Report.
2 Report library A list of all the default and custom report templates. Insight comes with a number of default templates. However, it is based on an agnostic data engine, so you are free to create reporting templates that match your specific business needs. Custom report templates are listed according to the date they were created.
3 Pull report Click on Excel Icon and enter the required information to pull the report as Excel spreadsheet. Your report downloads automatically.

Click on View in Browser Icon and enter the required information to pull the report to your browser. This launches a new tab in your browser and presents you with the data.

4 Menu Menu options. For more information, refer to Insight Reports Menu Options.