Share a Report

  1. Open Insight from the menu (Inight icon).
  2. From the Insight Reports Overview, pull the report you want to share.
  3. Click the share button inside the report:

    Report Share button

    A new window, External Report Access, opens up:

    External Report Access

  4. Create a new invitation:
    1. Invite: enter the name of the person you want to grant report access to.
    2. For: from the pop up window, select the time period the person should be allowed to access the report.
    3. Click SAVE.
    4. From the invitation menu, click Show access URL.
    5. Copy the external access URL and send it to the contacts you want to share the report with.

They are now able to access the report at any time with real-time data. You can monitor the access and revoke it at any time by clicking Revoke external access from the invitation menu.